Our Services

Consulting and studies of technical and economic feasibility

The objective is to investigate whether an idea meets the client's requirements and the technical, economic, social and environmental constraints of a specific project.


They allow a first evaluation of the conditions and assumptions under which a project is feasible and the order of magnitude of the costs involved is defined.

Kon Energía has the capacity and experience to design optimal solutions for economically, environmentally and socially viable operation with the precepts of sustainability.


Kon Energía provides a valuable tool to support its clients in the decision-making process for project investments.

Kon Energía has a multidisciplinary team with more than 12 years of experience in the area, for which we combine technical engineering knowledge with economic, environmental and social evaluation to incorporate into investment decision-making.

Development of customized and innovative NCRE proposals

Development of ERNC projects tailored to customer needs, such as PMG / PMGD, Utility Scale or "Behind the Meter", from the idea to the operation, considering all aspects of development such as engineering, permits, legal, environmental and others.

Kon Energía carries out and manages NCRE projects and plants in different stages, contributing more than 12 years of experience from its collaborators in:

  • Development
  • Construction & Operation
  • Funding
  • Operation Control

Kon Energía develops innovative solutions tailored to customer needs, considering the best NCRE technology for sustainable, safe and profitable projects.

Advice and inspection for Due Diligence and development of ERNC projects

Any investment and development of NCRE projects requires a thorough analysis regarding CAPEX, OPEX, commercial, contractual, regulatory and environmental aspects.

Investors and financial institutions will require an adequate analysis to safeguard the continuity and sustainability of their investments.

Kon Energía provides technical advice and inspection for the analysis of NCRE projects and plants in different stages:

  • Development
  • Construction & Operation
  • Funding
  • Aquisition /Sale
  • Operation control
  • Fulfillment of guarantees

Kon Energía develops Due Diligence analysis to the requirements and objectives of the clients.


From field visits to detailed technical, commercial, financial and environmental analysis.


We have the flexibility to work integrating with other advisors and collaborators who participate in the Due Diligence process.

Development and implementation of Net Billing projects

The current regulations for Net Billing projects allow self-generation of energy based on NCRE and efficient cogeneration, allowing users to save on electricity grid consumption.

Kon Energía develops and implements projects on a residential and industrial scale to meet the energy needs of distributed generation customers.

Kon Energía develops projects for customers to generate their own energy, reducing the costs associated with the electricity consumption bill, in addition to contributing to a more sustainable electricity matrix.